{Stus-List} A new U.K. Branch of the C&C Owners Club?

Christine Tebbens ctebbens at ebtech.net
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It's all perspective. We have 1 Contessa and several folkboats (including my
fathers built in 1947) at SYC. Strikingly similar, yet the Contessa's are
huge, in comparison. Then again, those two designs weigh about the same as
my Mega. All three designs have sailed trans-Atlantic. Me, I wouldn't choose
the Mega for that trip. :-O
Jon Tebbens

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We had a couple of Contessa 26's at my old club.   

Agreed that they don't look 26.  Compared to a C&C 26 - for instance - they
look tiny. 

Built like brick outhouses though - complete with full keel.  


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> John 
> Tania's boat was a Contessa 26. Still, very small. Also, made in Canada! 
> Cheers 
> Colin 

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