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Tony Toskas tookas at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 11:23:45 EST 2007

One sailors opinion:
  The Raritan PH-II with the large bowl.

John and Maryann Read <johnpread at comcast.net> wrote:
  What is the collective wisdom of the group as to the preferred manual head??

We have a Wilcox Crittenden Head mate - which we believe is OEM. Small bowl
is an issue for the Admiral. The pump/plunger is worn and allows a fair
amount of seepage from the exhaust water into the fresh water sides of the
plunger. IE: lots of pumping to get it all cleared.

Can rebuild the WC, but wonder if we should just get a new bigger bowl while
we are at it. Of course, it must fit into the existing allotted space

John & Maryann Read
Legacy III
1982 C&C 34
Noank, CT

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