{Stus-List} What do we eat?

Bill Wise b1llw1se at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 1 10:32:07 EDT 2007

Wally's recent note about food savers and cooking got me to thinking.  I 
volunteered to Stu sometime ago to monitor the recipes selection of the 
C&C PhotoAlbum (go to FORUM/Favorite Recipes) which has been an easy job 
since very little ever gets added.  But you folks must eat something.  
What are your favorite things?  If you will post a recipe here (or send 
me an eMail with a recipe) I'll make sure they get added to the Forum.  
In addition I'll put together a PDF formatted cookbook so you can 
download that to get all the recipes at once.

What do you eat and drink on board?   It might be an appetizer or it 
might be a main course.  It might be that favorite drink that you always 
like to have in hand as you watch the sun sink behind the horizon.  It 
might be prepared on board or it might (as Wally suggests) be prepared 
at home, vacuum packed and just placed into boiling water.  If you will 
send them in, I'll put together the recipes.

Bill - "NautiGal" C&C 25

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