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occassionally rum to mix things up


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About eggs...if coated, they will last a looong time.  I read somewhere
that oxygen spoils eggs.  Coating them blocks the permeation of O2
through the shell.  Suggested coatings include varnish and paraffin wax.
Google more choices.
I've broken eggs and put them in a Nalgene bottle for short cruises.
Use EggBeaters. They can be frozen.
Mostly, I go for pastries or oatmeal for breakfasts.  No rfrigeration
required.  We stock up on pastries at the start then replenish them at a
restaurant/bakery on the water at Navarre Beach, Fl.  Spend night in
anchorage in front of the place, dinghy in, eat breakfast on their
patio, stock up on pastries and then get underway.
Dennis C.

Wally Bryant <wal at wbryant.com> wrote:

	The foodsaver bags (www.foodsaver.com) are boilable and
microwavable. I've
	never tried the latter. 
	I did whip up a batch of Red Beans and Rice
	then froze portions in plastic
	containers. After freezing, I vacuum packed each portion, and
boil to
	reheat. Nice, no mess.
	Nice idea on the eggs. The foodsaver can seal without vacuuming,
	desired, so I'm going to try that. Eggs are a pain to store.
	Alan wrote:
	> Perhaps Wally has tried them in boiling water 
	> and can comment on this. ... ... I used to crack 
	> eggs into the bags, seal them and shake them up real well. 
	> Then when you drop them in boiling water, and massage them 
	> every few minutes, you have scrambled eggs without a dirty 
	> pan. 
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