{Stus-List} Cutlass Bearing

Bob Abbott ABBOTTRL at gov.ns.ca
Tue Oct 2 08:38:47 EDT 2007


Cutlass bearing replacement is routine.....hold your prop shaft near the strut and try to move the shaft.....a little movement is O.K. but more than a few millimeters and you are showing signs of wear and it will only get worse.   It is not that difficult to replace yourself but only if you have the proper tools......a 'prop puller' if you don't want to disconnect the shaft from the transmission, and a tool to remove the old bearing and insert the new one, both of which most of us do not have in our tool kit.  

Had a technician replace mine this past Spring.....total cost about $200 CDN ($50 bearing + $150 labour)...he did had the tool to remove the bearing without disconnecting the shaft...this saves time and of course $$$$....FYI

Bob Abbott
1984 - 32
Halifax, N.S.

>>> "Brian Callele" <bcallele at capitalenergy.ca> 2007-10-01 8:18 PM >>>
Not sure where to find them, and whether I have the spelling right. I
have an A4 in my 1976 C&C 27, and there is some play in the prop shaft.
I was told that the cutlass bearing needs to be replaced. Any advice


Brian Callele

1976 C&C 27

Regina Beach Yacht Club

Regina Beach, Saskatchewan


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