{Stus-List} Dripless Shaft Seal verus Teflon Packing

Fred Hazzard fredh at ecsnw.net
Tue Oct 9 11:45:01 EDT 2007

A word of caution regarding the dripless shaft seals.  My 41 sank a few
years ago because the bellows was not compressed enough.  A small piece of
wood worked its way into the bellows and then between the stainless and
ceramic disks.  I parked it on a Sat afternoon and by 10 AM Sun. it was bow
down and foredeck awash.  The amount of compression on the bellows is
critical.  To much and it overheats.  To little and........

Fred Hazzard

C&C 44

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I'm on my fifth season with the dripless shaft seal and love it.  I wouldn't
consider anything else.  A dry bilge is a wonderful thing.  I have never
heard of a catastrophic failure of this system.  The stainless certainly
won't be giving out any time soon.   The carbon disk is very substantial and
I doubt that it would fail without notice.


Jake Brodersen
C&C 35 Mk-III
"Midnight Mistress"
Hampton VA

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