{Stus-List} Foredeck Hatch removal on C&C 34

Dennis C. captbuy at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 10:57:51 EDT 2007

  Funny you posted this.  When it hit my inbox I was on the phone with a J30 owner who wants me to do the same thing for his anchor locker.  Couple of "tweaks" for your process:
   Use microfibers for the thickener.  
   Bevel the tops of the final holes with a cone shaped grinding stone in a drill to get an "O-ring" type seal around the tops of the fasteners.
  Dennis C.
  Touche' 35-1 #83
  Mandeville, LA

Eric Haberfellner <eric at firstclass.com> wrote:

The fordeck hatch on my 34 is leaking.I have checked the screws holding it down and 5 on the starboard side are freely rotating. I have never done this job on Arioso before and am not sure what to expect. Is there core in this area? There are no nuts visible in the interior. Is the hatch just held on with screws into fiberglass? Is it bedded with butyl?

My plan is to:
        Remove the screws
        lift the hatch off using only as much force as necessary
        clean away old bedding material and dirt
        overdrill all holes
        fill with thickened epoxy
        allow to cure
        drill holes appropriate to screw size
        rebed and replace hatch.

Any help and insight or caveats would be much appreciated.

Eric Haberfellner

1979 C&C 34 Arioso
National Yacht Club
Toronto Ontario, Canada
43° 37.9' N, 079° 24.4' W

1976 Marshall Sandpiper PER CAT
West Dennis Yacht Club
West Dennis, Mass., USA
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