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Well, this doesn't help Henry because he still doesn't have power on his dock but during the cooler months I use two turbo driers and one Happy's Air Dryer with a solar vent in the head.  I place one turbo dryer on the sole near the galley, one near the mast and the Happy's in the V-berth.  The head door is kept open with a cabin door hook.
  During the summer, I just use one turbo dryer in the salon.
  No mold or mildew even here in Louisiana.  Use a plug in air freshener just to keep things fresh.
  I used to use a dehumidifier which drained to the bilge but the hassle of lugging it on/off the boat was a pain.  I was on a boat the other day that had one draining to the galley sink.  The drain line had plugged with algal growth.  The pan had overflowed across the galley countertop, behind the stove and out onto the galley sole.  Fortunately, the galley had a rubberized floor rather than holly/teak.  It was still a mess.
  Dennis C.
  Touche' 35-1 #83
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Jim Watts <jimwatts at shaw.ca> wrote:
          We keep 3 Dri Z Air pots going...one in the saloon, one in the V-berth, and one in the head. We also run a Turbo Dryer (aka Caframo Stor-Dry) unit in the saloon all winter, and in combination with the air flow provided by 3 hatches in "vent" position and the Nicro solar vent, the boat is sweet and dry. Keep in mind that we live in an area known as "Temperate Rain Forest" so there's no shortage of moisture in the air...
  Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
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  Alan &/or Jim,
  How many canisters do you use for the winter in your boats?  You both have 35' boats.  Looked at an RV site and one reviewer said he used 4 canisters in a 37' RV.  More volume than a boat and do not know where he was located.
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I suspect you have mildew, rather than mold.  Mix bleach with water.  I think the ratio is one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. Just wet a sponge wipe the area that has the mildew. After about fifteen minutes, rinse off with plain water and wipe dry. If the wood is unfinished (not varnished), refinish the wood with teak oil after it dries.  Keep air circulating through the boat to prevent the mildew from coming back. Another thing you can use is Dry Z Air. It's a canister in which you dump a bag of crystals that remove moisture from the air.  the canister is about six dollars, and a bag of crystals is about a dollar.  One or two bags should last you all winter.Check back regularly to dump the liquid which will accumulate.

Alan Bergen
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