{Stus-List} gearbox oil leak

Arthur Philip Dent dent at yip.org
Wed Oct 17 12:48:30 EDT 2007

Ralph, thanks for the link.  I'm not 100% sure which hurth is it as the 
name plate on it just says Hurth ZF with no part or serial number on it. 
guess i'm going to have to go through all the different v-drives and match 
what i've got.
thank you

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007, Ralph wrote:

> Arthur
> What is leaking is the V-Drive that is bolted to the transmission. 
> (although, it may be a combination V drive/transmission)    Check 
> http://www.marinegears.com/catalog/cat-idx-hm.html  for various exploded 
> views.   The web site is Transmission Marine Inc.  I have had work done by 
> them and it worked out well.  They also sell parts, seals etc.
> Our 1980 Landfall has a Paragon transmission fitted to a Walters V-Drive. 
> Changing the seals was fairly straight forward and had it done locally.
> Ralph
> Arthur Philip Dent wrote:
>> Good day listers.. i've got a 1982 38 landfall and am having some problems 
>> with my transmission.  It's leaking oil :(  dug around the gear box and the 
>> plate on it shows Hurst were as i've been told they normally come with a 
>> kanzaki (sp?).  I'm trying to find a repair manual for it and can't seem to 
>> find any.  does anyone have a repair manual?
>> does your 38 landfall have this transmission?
>> I *think* the seal on the output shaft is toast and that's where it's 
>> leaking from.  Planning on removing it and would like to rebuild if i can 
>> find a shop manual for it.
>> Has anyone done this?
>> take care
>> sam
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