{Stus-List} Last sail - now VC Offshore vs Micron CSC

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Interesting - what is "Compound X"
Note that I only use 1/2 gallon per year and this year could only get VC
Offshore in gallons.  The previous year the unused portion of VC did not
store well so when I could not get VC in quarts I switched to Micron
which does still come in quart size.

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I have used VC Offshore for years. There is constant debate on the list
over which is the better racing paint, VC or Micron, and it really seems
to come down to personal preference since neither seems to have a speed
edge over the other - around here (New Jersey), both are used on boats
that win a lot of silver. I add Starbrite Compound X to the VC and it
definitely improves the antifouling, but there is no question that you
have to clean boats painted with hard paints several times during the
sailing season. This season I didn't race and so I cleaned it only every
four weeks, and at each cleaning it had a layer of slime but no
barnacles or "sponge". When racing it gets cleaned once per week and
before each race. Water temps reach the mid - 70's in the summer.
John Garth
Moondance 35 MkIII
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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	> Interesting subtopic. 
	> >From 2001-2004 I used Nautica KL990 ablative paint. Boat
generally came 
	> out clean in the fall. 
	> Fall 2004 I stripped bottoma and used VC Offshore 2005-2006.
Fast but 
	> at haulout had sponge like growth on flat bottom surfaces
beside keel 
	> and aft of keel. 
	> 2007 I used Micron CSC ablative. Boat came out clean. Boat
beside me 
	> used a Petit hard paint and had the spongy growth on flat
	> surfaces. 
	> We sail in the Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and
	> Edward Island. Summer water temps are 70-75 degrees and fall
temps 60 
	> degrees. 
	> The VC was very very fast but required frequent scrubbing. The
	> stay! ed fast er longer but I don't think initially it was
quite as fast as 
	> the VC. In 2005 & 2006 I did a thorough scrubbing twice per
season and 
	> a quicik scrub every two weeks. In 2007 I did one quick scrub
	> season. 
	> The micron seemed to slow down by about mid september. 
	> There was a slight bit of slime on the boat when hauled this
year but 
	> when it came out there were comments on how clan the bottom
was. Funny 
	> as this was the least I have ever scrubbed. 
	> Oh - and my last sail was Sat Oct 13 a solo experience where I
	> main, chute and then blade in 10-15 knots of wind.
Surprisingly all went 
	> well. 
	> Mike 
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	> I need to use the engine more; my propeller was totally
covered in 
	> barnacles. 
	> Gavin: Before spring launch this year, I applied a light
coating of 
	> white lithium grease to the prop shaft and prop...at haulout
last week, 
	> no sign of barnacles/mussels on either. 
	> The space between my rudder and the hull was covered in
	> I use Micron CSC with minimal growth anywhere......the most
	> was on the back edge of the rudder and the bottom of the keel
where it 
	> is difficult here to apply antifouling paint as we
	> Bob Abbott 
	> Azura 
	> C&C 32 - 1984 
	> halifax, N.S. 
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