{Stus-List} Last sail - now VC Offshore vs Micron CSC

Brödersen Jacob K Ctr ACC/A8II jacob.brodersen.ctr at langley.af.mil
Wed Oct 17 22:42:49 EDT 2007


I like the performance of VC Offshore.  The color compliments the red boot and cove stripes on the boat too.  That keeps the admiral happy.  I just wish I could get a decent paint in white.  I tried the Vivid on my rudder (twice).  I haven't been happy with it.  It doesn't sand very smooth.  It resists fouling OK.  If the water here were clearer, I'd go back to Baltoplate.


Jake Brodersen
C&C 35 Mk-III
"Midnight Mistress"
Hampton VA

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