{Stus-List} 35-I 35-II spinnaker turning block location

Dennis C. captbuy at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 09:39:47 EDT 2007

Currently, I'm using a snatch block on the padeye on the very aft end of the cockpit coaming for the turning block for the spinnaker sheet/guy.  The chute side of the sheet runs on the outside of the stern pulpit.  The trim rubs on the stern pulpit on its way to the chute.  The trim side of the sheet comes across the cockpit to the trimmer or to a cabintop winch if we need it.  
  The rubbing on the pulpit is not a big problem but when I look at the angle of the sheet going to the chute, it looks like I don't gain much by having the turning block so far aft because of the narrow stern on the 35-I (35-II same stern).
  I'm thinking that I can move the block forward on the toerail without losing any angle.  Anyone else done this?  Where do the rest of you 35-I or II's turn the spin trims?  What about rubbing on the cockpit coaming if the block is on the toerail?
  I am also considering another block near the primary winch.  I would run from the aft turning block to the forward block then to the trimmer.  This would run the trim up the side of the boat and keep it out of the cockpit.  Anyone else doing this?  Does it rub on the cockpit coaming?
  Any other ways to run the spin trims on a narrow stern boat?
  Dennis C.
  Touche' 35-1 #83
  Mandeville, LA

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