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I was going to chime in on this before, but for got to.  IMHO, you have gone 
the correct route.  I was considering a dripless a couple of years ago, when I 
had my transmission out until a friend mentioned to me that basically if the 
dripless fails, you then have a open hole in the bottom of the boat!  With the 
number of times I have been offshore in my boat, that is one thing I don't want 
to be worried about.

Let me know how the drivesaver goes.  I've considered intalling one.

Tom Anderson
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Marblehead, MA

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Thanks to all the replies to my inquiry.  In case anyone was interested, I
tallied the votes:  (5) listers used a dripless/mechanical seal and
recommended it and (3) were in the "if it isn't broken don't fix it
category".  Fred's account of the twig working it's way between the seal
reaffirmed that Murphy will always find you.   I've just finished pulling
the shaft and was fairly surprised at the condition of the stuffing box hose
and Teflon packing.  The hose had never been replaced but didn't show much
wear at all.  Teflon packing looked like I just installed it.   So, as much
as I believe the PYI dripless seal is a great solution, I think the
combination of a price and elimination of a weak link (no matter how
unlikely) is the deciding factor.   I'm going to refresh the stuffing box
hose and Teflon packing, and install a drivesaver.  For all the times I wake
up in the middle of the night trying to remember if I turned off the
batteries, put a safety line on the mooring pennant, etc;  wondering about
the dripless seal will be one less thing to worry about.  Thanks for the

Ps.  Backing shaft out of coupling using spacers and bolts was not much
easier than as described in similar posts.  Lots of wrench work and banged
up hands, but it came off and shaft looks none worse for wear.

-Sean Conner

Ladyhawke - US50931

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