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Thanks Dennis.  I know I want the rig checked, either by a pro or by 
myself with magnifux.    The pro did not mention magnifux.  I will be 
asking him.


At 09:21 PM 23/10/2007, you wrote:
>My situation is a bit different than newer C&C's.  Touche' has wire 
>shrouds.  I think that was standard on the 35-1's.  When I bought 
>the boat, Touche' had a Head Seafoil headstay and a rod 
>backstay.  I'm not sure if the rod backstay is original.  Perhaps 
>some other 35-1 owners will chime in.
>Anyway, to answer your questions, my rod backstay terminal fittings 
>are eyes 
>I had the rod sent to Florida Rigging to be reheaded as part of my 
>hydraulic backstay install.  Since I was cutting the rod anyway, it 
>seemed to make sense.
>I replaced the Head Seafoil with a wire forestay as part of a Harken 
>roller furler install before I did the backstay adjuster.  Now, a 
>second guesser might question why I decided to save the rod while I 
>had a wire forestay.  When I had the Head Seafoil headstay, which is 
>essentially a rod with a slot in it, and the rod backstay, then 
>there was rod tensioned against rod.  Now I have rod tensioned 
>against wire.  What the heck, I still like the rod backstay.  It looks cool.
>Dennis C.
>Touche' 35-1 #83
>Mandeville, LA
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>Did you do the entire length of rod, or did you only do the 
>heads?   How did you do the heads at the tangs.  I have my standing 
>rig stripped off right now and I can easily see the rod heads at the 
>turn buckles, but the heads up at the tangs have stem balls on them,
>my tangs
>< http://www.navtec.net/products/index.cfm?main=rigging&sub=Tangs&part_id=40 >
>my stemballs
> >
>and I am not sure if these will slide back.  Does anyone know if 
>they are supposed to slide back, and if so how?
>Given the age of your boat I guess you have these tangs instead
>< http://www.navtec.net/products/index.cfm?main=rigging&sub=Tangs&part_id=41 >
>Would this be correct?
>I assume you did the turnbuckles and toggles.
>At 10:46 AM 23/10/2007, you wrote:
>>I dye checked my standing rigging a few years ago when my rig was 
>>down.  It's not difficult.  You can get a Magnaflux SK-416 dye 
>>check kit for about $50 (Google "Magnaflux spotcheck" or "Magnaflux 
>>SK-416").  If you know someone in the welding or metal industry, 
>>you might be able to borrow one.
>>Dennis C.
>>Touche' 35-1 #83
>>Mandeville, LA
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>>My Survey for the 33Mkii read ..."mast sight inspected at deck level"
>>This is probably not very legally binding. As our mast comes down
>>(intentionally) every year. I inspect the rod rigging for obvious damage
>>but all this "microscopic cracking" talk  makes me a bit nervous  , as
>>the rigging is now 22 years old
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>>Subject: Re: {Stus-List} Rod Rigging
>>I won't comment on rod rigging failure or replacement, since I've not
>>experienced either, but it's worth noting that most pre-purchase surveys
>>not examine the rigging in any great detail.
>>Just because the surveyor didn't highlight any rigging issues, doesn't
>>there aren't any.  In fact, if you re-read the survey document, most
>>surveyors will put in a blanket recommendation to have the rig inspected
>>a qualified rigger. -- and you probably should.
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>> >
>> >I was talking with a exhibitor at the Boat Show in Annapolis a couple
>> >back, and he asked me when the last time the rod rigging on my 1984
>> >Landfall 38 was replaced. It hasn't been, and the surveyor who
>> >her two years ago when I assumed ownership of her didn't notice
>> >out of the ordinary.
>> >
>> >Nonetheless, the exhibitor said I was on the brink of disaster; that
>> >fatigue if not corrosion could cause anything from the rigging to the
>> >hardware to fail catastrophically at anytime given its age.
>> >
>> >What are folks' experience with this? I recognize nothing lasts
>> >but are his dire warnings valid? He mentioned a range of fixes from
>> >re-heading the rods on the lower shrouds to switching from rod rigging
>> >wire rigging (we're in-shore cruisers and not racers) to a complete
>> >replacement. Has anyone done any of the above? When in the lifespan of
>> >boat? What was your experience?
>> >
>> >Thanks for your time and input, and being relatively new to this list,
>> >apologies if this was recently discussed,
>> >
>> >John
>> >Mariah
>> >1984 Landfall 38
>> >James City Co., Va.
>> >
>> >
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