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Sam,  Specifically where is it creaking???

Mine, and others, creaked on the starboard side, aft of the chainplates.
Moisture meter said no problem.
I chalked it up to the fact that C&C made four interior layouts, basically 
using one interior liner mold, with specific changes around the 
head/separate shower combo; galley and aft cabin arrangement,
Where my '84Mk4 creaked was at the forward end of the vestigal shower 
compartment that had been included in the Mk1 head with shower arrangement.

???Perhaps there was an early interior support that was eliminated in later 

Another thought I had was that the underdeck mounted chainplate supports 
needed to be slightly adjusted to balance the rig loads to the interior tie 
rods which tie to the beefy longitudinal stringers behind the seat cushion 
backs; so that maybe the deck was a wee bit high to where it should be to 
stop creaking when extra deck weight was applied.

Never looked further, as I didn't consider it a problem, nor did two 


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> Hello listers.  I've got a 38 landfall and my deck creaks.  I've taken
> soundings on the deck and it sounds solid.  I've taken a moisture meter
> without any anomoly readings.  deck tabs looks good and i don't see any
> movement.  the tab is secure.
> Where and why would the deck be creaking so?  just walking around makes it
> creak.  Is this something i should be worried about?
> take care
> sam
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