{Stus-List} Leak Repair for Dummies

Wally Bryant wal at wbryant.com
Thu Oct 25 22:21:56 EDT 2007

Peter - 

After an extraordinary amount of effort my boat is totally leak free.
(Except for the hatches when the water comes at the boat sideways...)

I've known your dismay.  When I first sat inside Stella Blue during a rain,
I was horrified at the amount of water coming in.  During the first winter I
developed a system that used six buckets.  

On the advise of other folks on this list I studied the drips, rather than
rip everything apart and rebed all the deck hardware.  It's a forensic
science.  After some time, I found some of the leaks a good ten feet from
the point of drip (POD) and fixed them.  (Of course, the cracked windows
smeared with silicone were a big clue.)

Then I said heck with it, ripped everything apart and rebedded all the deck
hardware. (VBG)

But my point:  Most of the hardware was bedded in Silicone by the factory.
While I hate silicone due to the problems with rebedding, it did a great job
of sealing the core.  Most of the leaks were due to sealant failure, but the
silicone failed in the center of the caulk bed, leaving the core (and the
fastener) coated.  So, no rotten core for me!
I did have a couple of damp spots due to post-production modifications.


- - - - - - 
Stella Blue
'81 C&C Landfall 38, Hull 90 
You wrote:
> Thanks for all advice on this. I am sleeping better already 
> (the sun being out helps), and contemplating pulling 
> hand-rails and window off in the rain under a tarp.

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