{Stus-List} rudder "nut" removal C&C 30

Jeff and Suz Nelson nelson8077 at rogers.com
Fri Oct 26 00:52:00 EDT 2007

Thanks guys...I've tried the easy out's, but couldn't get a good enough grip...

I'll drill a little more.   I think I've got one, as I can see a difference in the metal...there's still a little rim around the edge, but I'll 
leave that for now.  The other one, I think I've got about an 1/8 inch left to go based on the drip depth test...so I'll keep going.

I'll continue to soak the nut and rudder shaft area with pennetrating oil while I work away.  I guess eventually it'll come off.

    Muir Caileag
    C&C 30 - 1979
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  I did this a few months ago.  The spacer under my rudder nut had deteriorated to the point that it was powder.  A good strap wrench works well.  One set screw came out, the other was frozen.  I drilled the set screw out, replaced with a heli-coil and installed a new set screw.  I think I remember that the shaft was dimpled at the location of the set screws. 

  If anyone needs a rudder shaft spacer, the one under the rudder nut, my machinist has the jig to machine them.  He is reasonable.  

  Be careful with easy-out's.  I broke one off doing another project and there is no way to remove it from the hole.  (Please, someone, prove me wrong!) 

  Good luck,

  Frank Noragon
  S/V Cool Change
  C&C Landfall 38, #001
  Rose City Yacht Club
  Portland, Oregon

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