{Stus-List} Keel Repair

Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 29 09:28:49 EDT 2007

As per John Garth, I'd ask the insurer before doing anything. 


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Sounds like an intereting job Mike - I would ask Bristol perhaps
(although they are expensive) but would also ask Mars as well as Wiggers
in Pickering.


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Does anybody have any experience with a keel repair.  I friend of mine
ran his CS 30 hard aground and broke the tailing edge off the aft
section of the keel.  The broke section is 6 inches long and about 1
foot high.It looks like it was hit once in the past and poorly repaired.

What I would like to do is to make a form and pour lead back into the
broke section and refair.  I might add a coule of stainless bolts to
help hold the repair in place.  Lead is easy to melt but I am not sure
if it will bond well to the keel.  We think we will warm the keel as
much as possiblew before the pour.

Any input would be appriciated.

 MIke VanderVaart "Ragtime" 

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