{Stus-List} Winter Charging Batteries and Running Engine

Brödersen Jacob K Ctr ACC/A8II jacob.brodersen.ctr at langley.af.mil
Mon Oct 29 19:17:33 EDT 2007


A good three stage battery charger will be much more effective than running the engine periodically.
If you don't have one, plan on it as an upgrade.  I have a Xantrex 20 amp charger and love it.

If you don't upgrade your charger, consider a "Battery Tender" or similar charger.  I keep one on my ski boat and motorcycle batteries year round.  They essentially float the battery and are not intended for charging purposes.  They are available starting at less than $30.  Cheap insurance.

And finally, using your engine to charge your batteries is a very poor practice.  The alternator does not put enough load on the engine and the amount of time needed to put a full charge on the batteries is much longer than you would expect.  Save the engine for motoring in calm weather, your mechanic will thank you.


Jake Brodersen
C&C 35 Mk-III
"Midnight Mistress"
Hampton VA

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