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What is her name? Could be one of the 61s from the early '70's (Sorcery, Robon, Sassy)
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On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 08:58:37PM -0400, rspence7 wrote:
> Never, ever throw out blueprints!  If you have no use for them, contact the
> architect, the client, or e-bay.

Mmm...  I wonder how many of those big C&Cs were built.  Last fall, as
I hauled my 33 at Knapps Narrows Marina, right behind me at the
dock was a huge C&C.  Can't recall exactly but it might have been the/a
63 footer.  It wintered there.  I wonder if that owner is on the list.

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>     I have some blueprints for a custom C & C 63' (1979) and a 67' Schooner?!
>     (1979)...anybody have an interest in them before I throw them out?


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