{Stus-List} Engine trouble

Jeff Brown jeff at bakerproducts.com
Fri Feb 1 10:17:16 EST 2008

It¹s an M-20 5416, Universal Atomic diesel.
So a mechanic could remove and reinstall in 3 hours approximately? Plus
machining, what do you estimate it would cost?

The boat is in Mamaroneck, New York.

Sounds pretty cheap at $5000 for a Pearson 30, 1972?

Glory B 81 C&C 34

On 1/31/08 9:57 PM, "jim aridas" <jaridas5 at msn.com> wrote:

> Jeff,
> Whats the model engine? I have an M25 in a Pearson 30. If that is the model
> engine you have then pulling the head is an easy job. Having the head redone
> should be easy enough by a machine shop. I would think you should be able to
> find a mechanic to do the remove and reinstall. Parts are readily available at
> torrinsen marine in Mi. You can find them on the web and order what ever you
> need. I replaced the head gasket on my motor about 2 yrs ago in 3 hrs time and
> its been running fine since.
> BTW where are you located?
> And double BTW the Pearson 30, 1972 is for sale and located in central NJ.
> $5000 takes it away, lots of sails, great race record.
> I recently purchased a 1982 C&C 34 kc/b
> Jim
> Galaxy C&C34
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>> Jeff,
>> if the motor turns at good speed when engaging the  starter you do NOT have
>> problem with battery, wiring or starter.
>> Anything else, get a second opinion from someone who is somewhat  neutral and
>> does not have to make the next house payment from your  pocket.  There are
>> not too many things that go wrong in a diesel  engine...
>> Leslie.
>> Phoenix, C&C32
>> Jeff Brown  <jeff at bakerproducts.com> wrote:
>>> I  have a 1981 C&C34, with a Universal Atomic Diesel engine. I've had it
>>> for
>>> about 8 years, no problems, but last season I started to need to use  both
>>> batteries to start the engine most of the time. I actually asked you  guys
>>> periodically about trouble shooting the problem, and ended up  replacing the
>>> batteries (although needed, didn't solve the issue),  replacing the battery
>>> wiring (again, did not solve). Also did a test on  the voltage drop on the
>>> starter motor but nothing was conclusive.
>>> At  the end of the season I had to get towed into the yard as even with  2
>>> batteries it wasn't starting. I then had the yard evaluate the engine,  and
>>> they say it's a bad intake valve. They took off the intake cover and  found
>>> air was coming out of it instead of going in.
>>> They suggest  replacing the engine, or removing it for a rebuild by Hanson
>>> Marine, the  Westerbeke dealer.
>>> They estimate the cost to remove the engine and then  put it back in, after
>>> it is rebuilt, will be about $7,000.00, not  including the rebuild cost.
>>> They estimate about $20,000 for a new Yanmar  to be installed.
>>> Anybody have any thought to help me determine what  the best course of
>>> action
>>> is? I am on a tight budget.
>>> Also, they  said a 3rd option was to have someone else try to to a valve job
>>> while  the engine is in the boat.
>>> I wonder if the diagnosis is correct, I  kind of was hoping it was a starter
>>> motor issue.
>>> In any case, and  advice would be appreciated.
>>> Jeff 
>>> Glory B 1981 C&C  34
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