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Fri Feb 1 23:31:04 EST 2008

My experience is that if you rebuild /repair the valve train on an older 
engine that you will probably get about a year (Maybe 2 ) out of it 
before the bottom end goes .
The refurbished head will add additional strain (combustion pressure)to 
the old piston rings and also the bearings and eventually the oil 
pressure will drop to below acceptable limits .
Thats why they are not advising this route as most owners would  blame 
them for their poor advise . However if you are aware that this *Might* 
happen and can live with that by all means do it .
I did this with one of my cars (much easier to do in a car ) and got 2 
more summers out of it before I had to do the major rebuild O:-)  
If you were to have the entire engine rebuilt ,you will save yourself a 
lot of work in the end and have a very reliable engine
My 2 cents

Jeff Brown wrote:

>The yard has advised me that they feel it is the intake valve, and kind of
>view the engine as as " can of worms", since they've never done any work on
>it and it is old, and doesn't look great. That being said, it's worked well
>for me for 8 years and I have done the yearly maintenance regularly.
>They said they have had issues with older engines where they start out with
>good intentions to fix a problem, then more issues come up as they go, and
>the owners get mad.
>So that is why I think they have suggested either a rebuild by Hanson Marine
>(which they won't stand behind, I would deal directly with them) or a new
>Their third option is to get a  local mechanic for a valve job, which they
>would not participate in.

David Drake
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