{Stus-List} Looking for a retirement boat

Allan Rheaume allanrheaume at videotron.ca
Mon Feb 4 13:14:34 EST 2008

Like those C&C trawler details such as the C&C star on the hull and the 
familiar cabinetry inside....would feel like "home" when too to sail. Not 
there for a long while yet in my case.
1988 30-2
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> http://tinyurl.com/225yt4
> http://tinyurl.com/2hoaly
> No need to leave the C&C family!
> Joe Della Barba
> Coquina
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> Ann and I have sold our companies after 18 years and our C&C 29 Illusion
> after 30 years. We are going to sell our house and cars and go cruising.
> Having sailed for 58 years, we have decided we are getting a bit too old
> for the rigors of sailing and will go the Trawler route. We also plan to
> do mostly coastal cruising, like the Great Loop, so the opportunities
> for sailing would be minimal.  If anyone knows of live aboard type
> trawlers for sale in the 38 to 43' range please let me know off list.
> We are looking for used, twin diesel in the 10 to 15 year old range with
> all of the "stuff"
> live aboards would need like refrigeration, generator, fresh water
> maker, etc.
> In the meantime, I plan to hang around the list and keep in touch with
> the C&C fraternity I have enjoyed so much over these many years.
> Hank
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