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Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 5 23:47:14 EST 2008

Ross has, like most Saskatchewanians, antifreeze running in his veins. Since moving here, I keep it topped up with scotch, but Ross has his own from living there so long. I thought it was bloody cold sailing on Saturday, but I'm a wuss now. 
Peter, same applies, although I don't have as much time off as Frank. 

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III
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  Peter, if you make it out to Sidney, give me a call and we'll try to go for 
  a sail. When Ross MacLennan was out here in January we got out for a great 
  sail on a clear, cool, breezy day. Although it snowed later in the day, Ross 
  was out there with no head gear . . . I guess his Saskatchewan blood made it 
  feel downright balmy out here.

  Frank Walczak
  'Felicity' C&C32
  Victoria BC

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  > Patrick,
  > Sounds very familiar.  She goes shopping and I go sailing!
  > And she is financially independent so it does not cost me anything. I
  > think I cost her actually.
  > My aunt lives in Sydney, BC. Time for a visit.    :-)
  > She bugs me about visiting her all the time.
  > Peter
  > S/V Tangerine
  > C&C 35 MK II
  > patrick wesley wrote:
  >> The deal my wife and I have is that I don't put pressure on her to come
  >> sailing and she doesn't put pressure on me to come shopping. I'd like her 
  >> to
  >> come sailing more often, but the reality is that the big part of the deal 
  >> is
  >> that she mostly allows me to go sailing as often as I like, and to spend
  >> reasonable amounts of money on the boat!
  >> Patrick Wesley
  >> The Boat C & C 24 Mk II
  >> Westport Marina, Sidney, BC, Canada

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