{Stus-List} Sailing last week - temperature is all relative!

Sam Salter samsalter at netkaster.ca
Wed Feb 6 12:32:19 EST 2008

Just spent last week sailing on the west coast.

Monday we sailed from North Saanich to Friday Harbour. Sailed through a 
small snow storm that turned to some sleet in Spieden Channel.
Tuesday was rough sailing in San Juan Channel so we cut it short and 
drank a lot in Fisherman Bay.
Wednesday was calmer and sailing to Roche was a pleasant day.
Thursday was also good sailing west of Stewart Island to Poets Cove. 
However, customs was closed 'til May so we had to clear in Van Isle.
Friday we broad reached with the asymmetric all the way to Ganges in 
Saturday was, as Jim said, "bloody cold" with little wind so we motored 
back to Saanich.

However, while away my wife said the temp went down to -40 deg C (that's 
-40 deg F for the yanks) in the foothills west of Calgary where we live. 
So although it wasn't perfect sailing, I know where I'd prefer to have been!

Sam Salter
C&C 26 Liquorice
Ghost Lake  Alberta.

Jim Watts wrote:
> Ross has, like most Saskatchewanians, antifreeze running in his veins. 
> Since moving here, I keep it topped up with scotch, but Ross has his 
> own from living there so long. I thought it was bloody cold sailing on 
> Saturday, but I'm a wuss now.
> Peter, same applies, although I don't have as much time off as Frank.
> Jim Watts
> Paradigm Shift
> C&C 35 Mk III
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>     Peter, if you make it out to Sidney, give me a call and we'll try
>     to go for
>     a sail. When Ross MacLennan was out here in January we got out for
>     a great
>     sail on a clear, cool, breezy day. Although it snowed later in the
>     day, Ross
>     was out there with no head gear . . . I guess his Saskatchewan
>     blood made it
>     feel downright balmy out here.
>     Frank Walczak
>     'Felicity' C&C32
>     Victoria BC
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>     > Patrick,
>     > Sounds very familiar.  She goes shopping and I go sailing!
>     > And she is financially independent so it does not cost me
>     anything. I
>     > think I cost her actually.
>     > My aunt lives in Sydney, BC. Time for a visit.    :-)
>     > She bugs me about visiting her all the time.
>     > Peter
>     > S/V Tangerine
>     > C&C 35 MK II
>     >
>     > patrick wesley wrote:
>     >> The deal my wife and I have is that I don't put pressure on her
>     to come
>     >> sailing and she doesn't put pressure on me to come shopping.
>     I'd like her
>     >> to
>     >> come sailing more often, but the reality is that the big part
>     of the deal
>     >> is
>     >> that she mostly allows me to go sailing as often as I like, and
>     to spend
>     >> reasonable amounts of money on the boat!
>     >>
>     >> Patrick Wesley
>     >> The Boat C & C 24 Mk II
>     >> Westport Marina, Sidney, BC, Canada
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