{Stus-List} Engine trouble

Jeff Brown jeff at bakerproducts.com
Thu Feb 7 10:12:24 EST 2008

Spoke to John, sounds like a good guy, may have him look at he engine
shortly, thanks for the recommendation.

And thanks to all of you and your ideas, it has been very helpful. I will
keep you posted.


Glory B 81 C&C 34

On 2/1/08 12:03 PM, "nausetbeach at optonline.net" <nausetbeach at optonline.net>

> Jeff,
> Sounds like you must be at McMichaels.
> Another good diesel guy closer to you than Stratford is John Palermo at
> Harbor's End Marine Service in Cos Cob, CT   203-618-0750
> Do not know how familiar he is with Universals but he is only 20 minutes max.
> from you.  He did some work on my Yanmar last summer, and he did the legwork
> and tracked down a rebuilt engine to replace a blown one for a friend's boat
> as a new engine was not in the cards.
> BTW - the fellow at Sound Marine Diesel is Joe DeMers and he is located up in
> Portland, CT just south of Hartford.  He is a Beta Marine engine dealer.
> Good Luck,
> Brian

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