{Stus-List} Grab Rail Replacement on C&C 33-1

Bob Moriarty bobmor99 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 14:56:59 EST 2008

> Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

The new rails are made from a beautiful piece of mahogany that I got from a
local liveaboard. There's still some sanding, pre-bending and finishing to

I wonder how C&C originally attached the forward sections of the external
grab-rails to the deck. Did they just drill some wood screws from above into
the deck and balsa(?) core?

I'm not clear what you meant by

 I used stainless machine screws, 2 per grab-rail base, that go down from
the handrail, through the deck, and into circular cutouts in the headliner.
That is probably what those thin metallic caps cover.

The thin metallic caps (as you mentioned, one pair is found on stbd above
the head) cover holes with a diameter not much bigger than a pencil. I
wonder what's the purpose of the holes. I initially thought they were there
to allow a screwdriver to drive a pair of screws up into the external
grab-rail's base. But, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't feel anything
metallic when I probed with a screwdriver. Maybe some screws or bolts are up
there but they're covered with caulk.

Did you have any difficulty removing your old rails?

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