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Fred Hazzard fredh at ecsnw.net
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Boating is cheap (relatively speaking) in Portland, Or. But sailing is
somewhat restrictive as we can sail 100 miles to the ocean or 400 miles and
many dams to Idaho, but the river is only about 3/4 mile wide. To get to
really good cruising grounds in Puget Sound or in Canada requires a 135 mile
trip in the open ocean and a sometimes hairy ride down the straits of Juan
De Fuca.

For my C&C 44 the club membership, moorage at the club, electricity and bar
bill averages about $290/month.
No winter storage as mostly rain with little freezing here.

Bottom painting as needed at a local yard $29/foot to haul, prep, paint and
launch.  The yard lets us do our own work and must approve of outide
contractors with small mark up of their cost.

Fred Hazzard
C&C 44

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C&C 34 Portland, Oregon
No Yacht Club membership, no annual haul out
$216 a month X 12 months = $2592 Plus electric
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> Compared to most places Toronto is truly a boaters paradise with 17
> or 18 maybe more yacht clubs with total senior member,
> summer  mooring, launch, haul , & winter storage fees for a 35 ft
> boat starting at $1000.00 and go to 7000.00 depending on where you
> want to do it and in what kind of style.
> Perhaps members from different parts of the continent can chime in
> with their local costs.   Costs should include any money that you
> have to spend at the marina or yacht club.  Example, senior member
> fees, mooring, launch haul, storage fees and any minimum monthly
> spending would all be part of yearly fees.  If you must have your
> bottom painted by the yard. that is also a yearly fee.   Insurance is not.
> Colin
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>>Wow - Things like this remind me where I live is boating paradise
>>compared to much of the country.
>>Typically around here an outside worker needs to have a $1,000,000
>>insurance policy with the marina added as a named insured. Of course
>>we have some yards that don't seem to pay much attention to anything
>>that goes on and a few that insist on doing everything themselves.
>>Joe Della Barba - Coquina C&C 35 MK I
>>Kent Island, Maryland
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>>Hmmm... up here, they just lay them off for the winter.  And NO
>>outside contractors without prior written authorization from the
>>marina -- to do otherwise would be grounds for losing your slip.
>>In fact, in my marina, if you winter-store elsewhere, they'll give
>>away your slip next spring unless you pay hem what you would have if
>>you had stored there.  Unfortunately, they have a great location and
>>have many owners over a barrel.  Their service is not great, so many
>>owners would like to move their boats over the winter to a location
>>with better mechanics and tradespeople; but we're stuck.  All this
>>in a city-owned marina, at only $68 a foot for May to September, and
>>another $40 a foot for storage.  I'm glad boating is an egalitarian
>>sport...   :^)
>>Fred Street -- Minneapolis
>>S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI
>>Bayfield Yacht Club
>>On Feb 7, 2008, at 11:16 AM, Micheal LeVine wrote:
>>>Somebody has to pay for the salaries of the yard men in the winter months
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