{Stus-List} main traveller track replacement C&C 27 Mark III

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Fri Feb 8 23:32:25 EST 2008

I don't know about your 27, but my Landfall 38 had the bridge traveller fastened to  the deck with impossible to get at Phillips headed machine screws.

I solved the removal problem by purchasing a large phillips headed socket for my socket wrench, and with a pry bar tensioned on the top of the socket wrench to keep down pressure, I was able to loosen the machine screws.

The reassambly included hex headed bolts!

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  I decided to replace the old non-functioning traveler this winter. I am not near the boat, but my repair crew (is that an ok title, Ross?) was trying to get the old traveler off the bridge. It sounds like the nuts are not accessible to human adult hands.


  Has anyone done this and found the trick.


  I seem to recall someone else with this problem saying that he decided to leave the old track in place and drill/tap into the old track, then simply bolted the new one on top of the old one. Any thoughts?


  Brian Callele

  1975 C&C 27 Mark III

  Regina Beach Yacht Club



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