{Stus-List} Boat Ownership costs - free sailing down South

Bill Wise b1llw1se at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 12 08:31:34 EST 2008

I'll reply to a couple of threads on this one reply:
1. Boat ownership - for years I kept my boat at a nearby marina on this 
upstate Ga/SC lake  - it ran $1200/year and included water and casual 
electricity (no overnight hook ups).  For $50 they would haul the boat 
and for another $50 they would plop it back in.  Now I have my own dock 
(purchased used for $9600) on my own lake lot ($754/month mortgage) and 
pay the water ($15/month minimum) and electricity ($30/month average) 
and taxes ($1400/year) for a one-bedroom 1950's trailer with a 
"home-made" addition.  It's still the best investment of my life and 
there is nothing like spending a long weekend there.  Right now, even 
though many of the docks are 30 feet up on the hard (the water having 
fallen that much), I still have 8 feet of water under my dock.  If 
anyone wants to go out, drop me a line.

2. Winter sailing (or not) - last Saturday I dropped by to check on 
things as I headed to a family gathering and almost cried because I had 
only 30 minutes there and the temperature was 62 degrees with 15 mph 
winds with gusts to 30.  On Sunday it was even better at 62 degrees and 
winds closer to 20mph.  I'll try to get back up in a another two weeks.  
Hope the temp and winds return as well.

3. Birds - for the first time, geese have found the cockpit of my boat 
and have decided that from a height it must look like a toilet bowl,  I 
have found goose poop in it the last two times I have been up there.  
Fortunately they must have a good diet high in fiber because it is 
cleans up easily with a paper towel.

4. Politics - I have two problems in life now.  The drought (alluded to 
in item 1) and SPAM.  And if Al Gore had not invented both the internet 
and global warming, I'd have neither.

Bill Wise
NautiGal C&C 25

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