{Stus-List} costs of Sail Theory - rock stars- now handicaps

Rich Knowles rk at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 19 19:38:04 EST 2008

Beaconsfield YC. We had about the same number


On 19-Feb-08, at 20:30 , Peter Kisilenko wrote:

Which club were you sailing out of? My first boat was a Tanzer 22 that  
I kept at Pointe Claire Yacht Club. At one point we had a fleet of 20+  
Tanzer 22’s.

Peter Kisilenko
’85 37 k/cb ‘Fretless V’

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I think Jake is on to something.

All this conversation about the joys of handicap racing simply makes
me look back on the wonderful days I spent 25 years ago fleet racing
Tanzer 22's in Montreal on Lake St. Louis. We frequently had better
than 15 boats out for a club race and often over 20 for regattas. At
that time, the big handicap arguments and debates revolved around
J24's and Kirby 25's which eventually wound up level but still had
their own fleet races. They battled back and forth while we quietly
slid around the course smug in the knowledge that whoever finished
first was indeed first and last was indeed last. We often had wind
extremes in the same day as the weather changed and there was shallow
water and large patches of grass to catch your keel. The boats were
never blamed for performance. Skippers and crews took all the heat.

The big boats at the club were C&C 27's, a C&C 29 or two, a 35, a
couple of Niagara's and an Aloha. Sharks, J24's, Kirby 25's and Tanzer
22's made up the bulk of the fleet. The cost of yacht ownership was
somewhat less back then, too. I remember quitting smoking in 1982 and
thereby saving enough money to pay all my club costs. I smoked a lot!
Doing the same thing today would only pay for 1/3 of my costs in spite
of the huge difference in the price of cigarettes. Lucky I still don't

Now, if we could simply put the Landfall 38 fleet together in one

Rich Knowles
Halifax NS

On 19-Feb-08, at 19:21 , Jake Brodersen wrote:

1)  Buy a Melges 24 and race one design.

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