{Stus-List} New C&C Coffee Mugs

Stu stu at cncphotoalbum.com
Thu Feb 21 13:05:48 EST 2008

Afternoon everyone -- sorry to report that the sun is shining but the 
temperature is still well below 0 C.

We have an opportunity to get a few dozen 10oz. ceramic coffee cups with the 
C&C logo imprinted on them -- something like the image below.  It's only a 
mock-up and not the real thing.

After purchase and printing the selling price would probably be in the area 
of $16.95 a pair + shipping which could be around $10.00 -- all US prices.

The question is -- would you purchase these at the prices shown?  I don't 
want to go out on a limb and spend a few hundred $$$$ and be stuck with a 
bunch of give-aways.

Any other suggestions will be considered.


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