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One of mu buddies - who has owned 3 C&C's - 25, 27 mk V, and 30 mk II - recently bought a new Catalina 360. Based on your comments (which I agree with), I have no idea how he sleeps at night. 

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Just "popped-in" to Halifax boat show over lunch.  Skipped every booth and went straight to the boats. 
Whiz bang tour in 30 minutes and back to work.  Hoped to see the Bene First 10R, a J or a new C&C but did get to view Tartan 3400, Catalina 309, Beneteau 40 (Boat of thre Year), Beneteau 323 and a Hunter 31. 
Started with the Tartan 3400.  The only two things negative I could say are that it requires a lot of work to finish the exterior wood work and that when on this boat I wish I appreciated cruising more.  An extremely nice boat - well built, modern and well appointed.  base boat 168K sail away near 200K 
Then off to the Catalina 309.  Never should have looked at the Tartan first.  base 99K sail away 123.  I think I would rather buy a used C&C30 mk 2 and spend another 60-70K making it look new for the same money.  The 1980s C&C 30 seems to be as modern or more modern adesign and far better built.  The only thing I liked was the folding wheel - and that was ify. 
Then the Bene 323.  Again a cruising boat.  The deck stepped mast was a minus but probably to create more interior space.  On the Catalina the deck stepped nmast was obviously to save money.  This boat looked to be well built and the interior was well finished. 
The Bene 40 looked like the type of boat you would like to charter.  Very nice to sit on and when chartering is more about the weather and comfort than performance. 
So after looking at these and having spent time on a C&C99 last year I have to say that Tartan / C&C quality is hands down better than most others.  Beneteau did not look bad but I would never buy a new Catalina. 
"Nut Case" 
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