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I witnessed a sail boat burn to the water line in 1996 due to a bar-b-que  
mounted on the pushpit. Seems that the rail clamp slipped and dumped the  
charcoal into the cockpit igniting the seat cushions, then the bimini and then  
cockpit. No serious injuries, but it did ruin a great weekend for all in  the 
anchorage. Then the USCG & GA DNR had the gall to make the owner remove  the wreck 
for the river bottom or face some very stiff fines for polluting a  pristine 
waterway. Needless to say, we do not have a bar-b-que (charcoal or gas)  on 
our old C&C 39. I am not against them, I fear them.
Jack Fitzgerald 
C&C 39 TM
Savannah, GA

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