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Edward Newman ketch2 at charter.net
Sun Feb 24 20:48:45 EST 2008

Hi Bill.
I used Conch Charters in 2003 and it was a good experience with few  
problems.  We chartered a 47 and 50 something foot Beneteau for ten  
days during October (low season).  Both boats were clean, well  
equipped with hard bottom dinghies and 15 hp motors. The only problem  
was the big Beneteau had a dirty bottom.  There was no hassle when we  
returned the boats.  It seems like the trip from the airport and back  
was covered also (want hurt to ask).

We pre-cooked and froze all our meals and carried them with us (kind  
of a hassle but cheap).   We had to declare a value and pay tax  
clearing customs for the food.  Several of the Islands had some well  
stocked stores and nice restaurants.  The boats come with grills but  
you will have to buy charcoal and lighter.

I'm planning on going in October again this year and am looking at  
Conch Charters again.  During the first ten days of October, the  
Moorings sponsors the Interline Regatta which is an annual event for  
international airline pilots and stewardess/crews.  They race from  
island to island each day with big party after each race.  We don't  
race.  We get up when we want; do some diving/sailing and make it to  
the island and get a good mooring before the fleet gets there.  Then  
we crash the parties.

Ed Newman
C&C 39

On Feb 24, 2008, at 6:45 PM, Bill Coleman wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with Conch Charters or BVI Yacht  
Charters in
Is it better to get a stocked boat or try to find all the stuff  
yourself -
not sure how much trouble that would be.

Bill Coleman
C&C 39

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