{Stus-List} LifeLines

Jake Brodersen Captain_Jake at cox.net
Tue Feb 26 19:32:50 EST 2008


I changed out my lower lifelines to bare SS a couple years ago.

Yes, I got complaints from the crew, but I put soft covers over the
lines where they hike out.  The bare wire will last longer and are much
easier to inspect than the covered wire.  I am not sure what the
offshore racing council (ORC) regs think of the covered wire these days,
they may prohibit it entirely.  I will be racing in ORC Cat I, so I will
probably go to all bare wire.  The boat looks good with bare wire and
you won't have any covered up problems, like rust and such. 

C&C 35 Mk-III
Midnight Mistress
Hampton VA

On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 12:07, Ralph Mudge wrote:
> Has anyone used the bare wire lifelines?  Ours need replacement and 
> wonder whether I should switch from the plastic covered.
> What are the pro s and con s.  Are they nasty to lean on or get thrown 
> against.
> Ralph      C&C Landfall 38  WhiteBird

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