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Absolutely make your boat perform the best it can and work better.  Not
doing so would almost seem negligent in some ways.

The 27-III would be very interesting with extra draft and weight on keel
but is then a slightly different boat than the stock 27-III

An interesting story I was once told of the Niagara 26.  It was designed
for 4'4" draft but the first dealer before production began required
4'0" draft due to location of his marina and a nearby canal.  The boat
was therefore always produced at 4'0".  Same story with Kirby 30.  Both
of these boats would probably be better suited to modify the keels to
original designers specs (many Kirbys do).

... my problem is simply that as a handicapper I am always seeing what
is faster that costs rating time vs what is faster at same rating.
Putting Sandy in my boat would be the second of those .... 

I really like the idea of electrical tape on inboard pole end.


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Correct Mike, the keel was modified and the boom was dropped 12
inches.... the sq. ft. of the main sail was not increased.  I agree that
any modification to hull, rig, or sails should be reported and let the
handicappers decide.  

What I was trying to point out to listers was that there are things that
can be done to their boats to improve performance and stability
characteristics.  In the case of the bulb on the 27 - III, I think it
was worth it not just from a racing perspective but every day you take
that boat out for sail.  Jim West and crew are very experienced sailors
and they knew that day under those sailing conditions that something was
not normal.  And they were right....without those modifications, the C&C
30 would have dug in and powered to weather carrying a 150% and full
main and left us on the horizon.

Dwight had a C&C 24 which we raced.  When we started racing it, we
didn't place where we had expected.....maybe because we were not that
good, or the competition was better or the boat was not set up to sail
to its numbers or all of the above (it was all of the above).  We could
improve the boat and our sailing capabilities...the competition, well
one could hope it would decrease but not likely with the likes of Jim
West, John Moores, Hans Himmelmin, Glen Dexter and Sandy MacMillan (two
world Soling champions) just to name a few.  For example, Dwight
installed a set of inboard tracks to sheet the jib....before it was from
the toerail.  On a big race, we were the only boat in a large fleet to
chance a port tack start....it was either really stupid or extremely
smart....well as it turned out, we hit the pin end of the line at the
gun at top speed, cleared in front of the fleet who were bunched up at
the committee end and got a significant head start on the fleet as we
sailed directly to the first windward mark while the fleet, all on
starboard tack, in fouled air and pinned one another until they ran out
of water and had to tack in a crowd. 

I used to do the foredeck on many boats, the last was a C&C 34R....dip
jibes on the pole...to speed up our spin sets, I would leave the topping
lift attached to the outboard end of the pole...carried a role of
electrical tape in my pocket....made a rap around the inboard end of the
pole with the topping lift taped to the pole...one less line to attach
and screw up on a spin set....pit man would just hoist and the tape
opened up.  At Chester one year, on a bare away set, we had the chute up
and opening as the stern rounded the mark and on a jibe set, about one
boat length away.  

Point again, do what you can to make your boat perform to its numbers
and good crew work on a quiet boat can only but help.

Bob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

>>> "Hoyt, Mike" <Mike.Hoyt at impgroup.com> 2008-02-27 7:57 PM >>>
This is all very interesting .... but ---- as a handicapper I see things
from that perspective as well.
The keel was modified.
The rig was modified
Each of those two changes should have triggered a rating review and each
would be automatically be a 6 sec/mile 1 ASPN point change in rating as
a starting point unless the handicappers decided that one o either
provided no benefit.  the C&C27-III is rated based on standard rig and
standard keel.
That all being said - I saw a 27-III ror 27-IV that had the fin
elongated without a bulb.  Was a very nice job that looked like would
make this already very nice sailing boat even better.  Might however
slow it downwind.
BTW - have you NS sailors yet heard we will be rating in PHRF starting


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