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Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 28 21:44:46 EST 2008

Our shower setup seems to be factory: downward facing strainer intake on a hose so it gets down to the last 1.8", then through a fairly coarse water strainer, then to a diaphragm pump which pumps overboard. Manual switch, and the boat goes into timpani mode when the pump comes on. It's totally deafening. I got to clean out the PO's water filter, ICK. I wore gloves. 
We try to use our solar shower as much as possible, but we're in BC, so the solar part sometimes doesn't work. We try and use environmentally friendly products since we are pumping it overboard, and we like to keep our part of the world as pristine as possible. Excuse the tree-hugger moment, but it is BC. 

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III
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  Tom, a dedicated sump is the best solution, and the raw grey water in the bilge is the worst.


  On my 33-1, where there was insufficient room under my stick built enclosed head and modified shower sole for a sump container, 

  I fabricated a 5"x7" or so, wooden pan, and tacked copper screening onto the bottom of the pan.

  The drain hose exited the shower pan thru a flush 90 degree plastic barb fitting, and layed on top of the screened box.  

  On showering, the direct feed of gray water went thru the hose, and into the screened pan


  Thus the grey water went through the tray to catch soap scum, hair, pubbies, etc, before entering the bilge proper, to be then pumped out with the bilge water.

  Periodic cleaning of the tray eliminated the hair, etc. that would have entered the bilge pump and my screened pan kept the bilge clean, without clogging the system.

  I used bilge cleaner when leaving the boat for the week, to ensure sweet smells on return.


  Roger Spence

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    Hi Fellow Boaters,
    I am new to your forum and have been reading them for several weeks, some interesting thoughts.
    I purchased a 1979 36' C&C in October of last year and would like to install a shower in the head. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to a way to install a drain. There is a pan in the head that I could drill a hole into and let it drain into the bilge, this idea does not appeal to me. Gray water in the bilge could lead to problems down the road. 
    I am located on the Bohemia River on the upper Chesapeake Bay.
    Tom Vincent
    Frolic II 
    C&C 36  1979


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