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You know Ian, if you get the kind of crew weight that Ed referred to on the
windward rail it will be almost as good as adding more ballast; I think crew
is the best way to go if you can get the crew… and I believe by the rules
you are allowed at least 8 or 9 on your 29 -1…so get them on the rail when
going to weather and maybe even try a reef…For me on my 27-3 we hardly ever
had max allowed crew and we weren’t heavy enough so we were mostly always
light with moveable weight…that’s why I added the bulb and also a lot of the
time I sailed it was just me and her, or me and two little boys (my kids
were on the boat before they could walk), so I needed the boat to stand up a
bit better without a large crew…I wanted to get a 30 again, after I lost my
first one in a divorce settlement but the 27 was almost as much boat (space
wise) at half the price…anyway we got to really like the 27 and I was sad to
part with her


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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Nice reading and I pretty well agree with you.  Going faster to me is all
about learning, whether it is learning from others through reading or
sailing with them or from trying different things out.


I am learning my 29-1.  I bought it (as you did) set up as a cruiser.  In
the last 12 months I have upgraded the running rigging: added a spinnaker
halyard and all the other lines to allow me to fly a spinnaker, brought my
main outhaul to the cockpit, added a Cunningham.  Replaced the Barient
primary winches with Lewmar self tailing winches, moved the Barients to
become secondary winches.  Added a Garhauer rigid vang (which I love!)
replaced the old mainsheet track (too much friction) with a Harken and added
traveler control lines.  (I don’t know how the PO managed to sail this
boat!)  I also invested in a new Quantum 155 genoa (composite) and in a new
Quantum 100% - the Dacron main was pretty new and in great shape – no need
to upgrade that until I have a few more $$’s to spare.


So now I can actually control the boat – I am having to learn how to sail
her.  As everyone has pointed out she is very tender and keeping her powered
upwind in a blow and not much heel is a tough exercise, but I learned the
hard way how important it is.  My best benchmark here is a C&C 30-1 we are
rated only 3 secs apart and when he powered upwind through me I knew I
wasn’t doing it right!!  So now I have learned to drive upwind on a flat jib
(hence the new 100) and let that main go to keep her flat.


Downwind – get the weight forward!


Practice, practice, practice and practice again.  I too have started with a
crew with little racing experience – it’s great to teach them, but patience
is a virtue and sometimes I don’t have much.  But I learned in my dinghy
days that yelling doesn’t do any good.  We all know when we screw up –
no-one needs to be told, so I learned to swear at the elements – no-one gets


I’m still learning so more advice is welcome.  I’m looking at how to add a
reef in the main and take it out quickly during a race to help upwind
performance in a blow – we get lot’s of that in the summer here even though
I race in the sheltered west side of the North Bay.


Bottom line – racing = $$$$’s




Ian Matthew

C&C 29-1  "Siento el Viento" 

San Francisco Bay

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