{Stus-List} Engine trouble

Jeff Brown jeff at bakerproducts.com
Fri Feb 1 10:32:26 EST 2008

Thanks, not sure I am up for this type of diagnostics, would love to learn
>> Glory B 1981 C&C 34

On 1/31/08 3:04 PM, "Russ & Melody" <russmel at telus.net> wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
>          If it's simply a bad valve you don't need to spend that kind of
> money. The challenge is determining how bad the problem is.  The best start
> is a compression check on a warm engine, record values. If you find a low
> cylinder (or two) you need to obtain or make an adaptor to fit into the
> injector or glow plug hole. The adaptor receives a compressed air hose.
> Rotate the engine so the cylinder is at TDC and check for air coming from
> intake manifold, exhaust elbow (hose removed) or crankcase (remove 710 oil
> cap, at valve cover).
> This will indicate a problem with intake or exhaust valve or rings,
> respectively.
> Repeat for other cylinders and you will be able to determine if it needs a
> rebuild or just a "head job".

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