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If you "call your yard out"  you may want to consider finding a new
winter home

Steve Rosen
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Mystic, CT

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Ya know, armed with this info, I'd seriously consider
asking the yard how they came to their conclusion. 
Maybe after seeing that some research was done and
that they can't bleed a novice, they might give some
better info.
Kind of read their body language as they respond.
Wild Cheri

--- rspence7 <rspence7 at cox.net> wrote:

> Jeff, something jes' don't sound right!
> You wrote: "They took off the intake cover and found
> air was coming out of it instead of going in."
> I'm at a loss to explain how an intake valve could
> be expelling air, while 
> the cover is off and you can see the action of the
> valve, (as compared to 
> the other intake valves) versus the action of the
> exhuast valve, (and the 
> other exhaust valves.)  Seems to me that as the
> piston is on the intake 
> stroke, air will be sucked in, and in the
> compression stroke, the intake 
> valve should show movement to close.  If there is
> blow-by at that stage, the 
> valve is not seating properly, and the rocker arm
> should show sloppy play as 
> the valve hasn't fully closed.  And, if the engine
> ran once started on all 
> four cylinders, I would doubt that there's an
> inherent engine malfunction
> I'd think its time to have a qualified mechanic look
> at it.  Hanson Marine 
> is an excellent outfit, but, as they charge mechanic
> wages portal to portal, 
> if you live away from their facilities the $100+ per
> hour labor bill climbs 
> rapidly, especially for multiple visits.  (A few
> years ago my simple $350 
> parts job, totalled out at $4000, as the mechanic
> had to navigate heavy 
> Boston traffic.)  I'll bet that you could sweet talk
> an engineer at 
> Westerbeke to give you some guidance, to isolate
> what to look for before 
> getting into mega bucks.

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