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Peter Deppisch peter.deppisch at sympatico.ca
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Agreed it is a short season!  It suits me as I have other commitments 
and a longer season would not mean that I would sail more.  I should 
really downsize to 25 feet and because I really like to have crew for 
the 35 footer and very often there is no crew.  Need to assess it in the 
next year or so.

ckilgour at sympatico.ca wrote:
> That's inexpensive - but a short season. 
> I go in April 12 this year and won't come out until November.  I won't get much sailing in before May 1, but I will do a lot of sailing in Sept and Oct. 
> Cheers
> Colin. 
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> My costs are $1,700 for summer dockage including hydro.  $300.- for 
> winter storage in the parking lot of the marina.  The marina is 
> administered by the municipality.  There are no gates and fences.
> We get in a crane on the Saturday of Victoria Day week-end (week-end 
> before the U.S. Memorial Day Week-end) and we launch all of the boats.  
> Typically $55.- per boat.  We just divide the cost of the crane by the 
> number of boats launched.  No stopwatch! 
> Ditto for haul-out on on the Saturday of Canadian Labour Day, second 
> Monday in October except that the fee is usually higher as some people 
> build a cradle on the fly but it is usually around $65.-.  Which is 
> still a bargain when compared to commercial marina.
> We have a gin pole, installed and paid for by the members a long time 
> ago, and it is free to use!  All masts must be removed for winter 
> storage.  No other expenses and we can bring in whomever we want to work 
> on a boat. 
> I expect that that may also change as someone blew themselves up 
> (powerboat I think) in a marina up around Little Current.  They were 
> working on their gas engines. 
> So far there are no environmental restrictions such as no sanding of the 
> anti-fouling coat or bottoms.  I suspect that there will be eventually. 
> Most of the sailors use VC 17.
> Not allowed to BBQ while tied to your dock anymore.  Apparently it is a 
> fire hazard. I guess it is but still. 
> Cheers,
> Peter
> S/V Tangerine
> C&C 35 MK II

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