{Stus-List} C&C and the WWW?

Terry Johnson tj622 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 11 16:58:22 EST 2008

I have a WWW. It has family vacation photos and sailing photos of our C&C 34 and of a trip we took last year up the coast of Washington to Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, and Desolation Sound.

See www.tj622.com

Terry Johnson
C&C 34 Ozymandias
Lake Oswego, Oregon

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  So, who among us has a presence on the WWW? I really enjoy Wally's site (http://www.wbryant.com/StellaBoat/index.htm) It is VERY well-done and informative.

  We have IndiBlog (http://www.sailblogs.com/member/indigo88/). Decidedly less complex, but does the trick for now.

  Maybe we can set up some links to our sites on the web?

  Meg & Richard 
  s/v INDIGO 
  Watch Hill, RI

  Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage. 


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