{Stus-List} Internet Enabled Lawnmowers -- (was something aboutboats...)

Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 11 23:23:05 EST 2008

I bet he has an alternator on the damn mower so he can keep his margaritas cool while he mows his flowers and sends out email. 
Grass. I meant grass, not flowers. Real grass, like Red Fescue, or Kentucky Bluegrass, not Nanaimo Nasty or Saltspring Skunk. 
Will this get through Homeland Insecurity or should I code it? Maybe send a message on a Carrier Seagull (pigeons being toast)?

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III
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  Dennis -- How can you send emails while you're mowing the yard?  Do you have
  a RAM mount on your lawnmower to hold your laptop?  That's too cool.  

  Dennis wrote:
  > <snip> .... Currently 76 degrees and I'm mowing the yard.  I've got 
  > azaleas blooming.

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