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Paul Uhl paulcu at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 11:22:36 EST 2008


While the Dr LED products are expensive—about $40 for each of my bow  
and stern lights—the racers here in Chicago that have them swear by  
them. Some have told me that by switching over all the lighting  
they'd use under sail at night (as opposed to lighting used while  
under power), they've been able to do the MAC, roughly a 3 day race  
for some, without having to run their engine at all.

Dr LED seems to be the only place that has the right replacements for  
most of the bow and stern lights, but shop around if you're going to  
switch your interior lights as there are many different types. I  
think Practical Sailor just reviewed a bunch.

Paul Uhl
C&C 110

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