{Stus-List} LifeLines

Wally Bryant wal at wbryant.com
Tue Feb 26 12:34:48 EST 2008

Ralph - 

I went with bare wire, and it has not been a problem.  I also upsided the
top wire to 1/4", and left the center 3/16".

There's been a serious discussion on another list about Am-Steel as well,
with some folks claiming to have years of off-shore use without a problem.
I've no personal knowledge.  There's a line of lifeline and gate fittings
made for rope:  <http://csjohnson.com/marinecatalog/00007.htm#bot>


- - - - - - 
Stella Blue
'81 C&C Landfall 38, Hull 90 
> Has anyone used the bare wire lifelines?  Ours need 
> replacement and wonder whether I should switch from the 
> plastic covered.
> What are the pro s and con s.  Are they nasty to lean on or 
> get thrown against.

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