{Stus-List} C&C 27-III with Bulb

Bob Abbott ABBOTTRL at gov.ns.ca
Wed Feb 27 15:24:19 EST 2008

Sailing stories...hope you don't mind Dwight:

.....I sailed/raced with Dwight on his 27 before and after the keel modification....there is no doubt in my mind, the addition of the 225 lb. bulb made a significant difference in overall performance, especially upwind in medium to heavy air.  I think he would agree that he could have added 300 lbs. and the boat could have performed even better.

Remember one particular race in St. Margaret's Bay where the fleet had to sail outside of the Bay and back in (a long race)  where one race-hardened competitor, Jim West, with his well sailed and crewed C&C 30 -MKI, won the race but boarded Dwight's boat at the raft up to figure out what was done to the boat to make it perform the way it did that day.  After about 4 hours on the race course, the C&C 30 -I only beat the C&C 27 - III by about two minutes or less on corrected time (don't remember exact time but we placed second).  They felt they should have left us on the horizon, especially upwind that day in the stiff breeze and chop.  One of his crew (Snair) straddled the two boats at the shrouds and would place all of his weight on Dwight's toe-rail and step off ...he knew or guessed from the way the 27 moved, or did not move, that weight had been added to the keel.  

If my memory is correct, Dwight also lowered the boom on the mast by some inches (the exact distance I don't remember) which, with the tall rig on the 27 - III compared to the 27 - I, added some positive performance characteristics.  Correct me here Dwight if I am wrong....do I have the right boat that you did this to?

The main reason these guys beat us that day on corrected time was that they had the confidence/guts to hoist their spinnaker on the run home about ten minutes or so before we did and put time/distance on us.  When we finally got the nerve to hoist, the 27 stayed with the 30 downwind....don't believe that made much, if any, time on us on that point of sail with chutes pulling.

Raced against a number of well sailed/crewed C&C 29's as well....from my observations, these boats would benefit every bit as much as the 27 - III with added weight to the keel.  We sailed a Beneteau First 28.5 and consistently beat the 29's boat for boat and the Beneteau was rated here as slower which made winning all the more fun.  I also believe the B 28.5 was grossly under-handicapped....over a few seasons, the handicappers gradually raised our numbers (ASPN).  

A good sailor/racer in St. Margaret's Bay that has a Beneteau 34.5 says there is a C&C 32 there with weight added to his keel that he can not point with and go the weather with with six crew on his rail and the 32 has no one on the rail. 

Lots more stories from a racer turned cruiser if anyone is interested.

Bob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

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