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If you're flying to New York, and renting a car to drive to Boston and then to Maine, I recommend stopping at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.  It's on the way.  There's a nice walking tour of Boston, and there are interesting places in and around Concord, Mass.

Alan Bergen
35 Mk III Thirsty
Rose City YC
Portland, OR

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> I turn 50 in September this year. If I have any regrets, one would be that I 
> only started sailing maybe 3 years ago and that I only bought my first boat a 
> year and a half ago.
> You might have read about my fleeting association with C&C 27s (Trapper 500s in 
> the UK). I thought this had come to an end with the prospective purchase of an 
> Etap 28 but, due to major hull problems, I had to pull out. So now there's 
> another Trapper to look at as soon as I can find the time.
> I've been reading about your views on sailing partners with empathy because for 
> me the ideal way of celebrating my 50th year would be to bareboat charter a 
> sizeable yacht in the Mediterranean and sail around Greece or Sicily for a 
> couple of weeks with family and good friends. But, my sixteen year old son is 
> hugely ambivalent about going on the water, my wife suffers from balance 
> problems (even on dry land) and although my twelve year old son does come out 
> with me, being very much his own man, I'm never sure if he really does enjoy it, 
> or whether he does it because he thinks it gives me pleasure to have him along 
> (which it does!).
> So, as a compromise, we've decided to visit The States for the first time. We 
> have a good friend and neighbour who hails from Maine so, based on his 
> enthusiastic advice, we're heading for Mid Coast, Maine via NY and Boston. I 
> wonder if any listers are Maine based and can offer me advice around places to 
> visit and things to see (not necessarily nautical) and, this is where I become 
> totally shameless, whether any of you guys in the area could offer a day or 
> two's crewing to satisfy my craving to get on the water? We plan to be in the 
> area 27/8 July 'till 6/7 August and I would definitely be buying the beers!

Alan Bergen
35 Mk III Thirsty
Rose City Yacht Club
Portland, Oregon

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