{Stus-List} Yanmar 3JH2 Impeller

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Mon Jun 2 08:59:37 EDT 2008

I have a 1993 37/40XL, with a Yanmar 3JH2, 38hp.  Access to the impeller is virtually impossible, as it's located on the port side (no engine access), behind the alternator (must remove), and with only an inch or so clearance in front of the starter motor.  Once I get the plate off - working blind - I can't budge the impeller, or get a tool in to pull on it.  The yard mechanic thinks that I will either have to pull off the raw water pump, or take out the starter motor to get enough access.  Has anyone done this job, and are there any tricks (or perils)?
Tim Fletcher
La Neige
Perth Amboy, NJ

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