{Stus-List} C & C 27 PHRF Ratings

Conrad B Falkson falkson at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 7 07:21:41 EDT 2008

I sold my 1984 27MkV to a fellow club member (experienced racer) - he beat
the whole fleet on the first race he took her out!



Take Five I

C&C 37 1984



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Just a guess from local boats.... the I thru IV versions were all
traditional C&C early '70's designs. Various weights and sizes (some were
longer, some had tall mast variations which would explain the rating
variances). We had a I TM here and it was 198 until he got tired of spinning
out under spinnaker and replaced his rudder with a deeper and more modern
design. Then it was 192. But it still had the shark fin keel with a pretty
wide cross section.


A friend has a V which has been on the hard all winter (so I got to look
closely) and it is a totally different boat. Looks like a 30 with the stern
cut off - reverse rake with an outboard rudder, much thinner and more modern
fin keel, similar slim/deep rudder, wider at the transom, etc. It looks a
lot faster than any of the other versions and I assume the rating reflects
it. I don't know how many of those were built, but when I was looking for
ratings to compare to this one, there weren't many listed. It would be
interesting to see one campaigned seriously here on the Chesapeake, because
it looks like it would be pretty competitive.




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Can any enlighten me about the following reason for being

C & C27 Model-------PHRF Rating

27 I                          198 to 213

27 I TM                     195

27 II                          186 to 195

27 III                          180 to 186

27 IV                          189

27 V                            174

Thx, Jon "Ghost Ryder"              


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